2022 Remnants dinner

This year's Remnants annual dinner was held at The Alex pub on the evening of Friday, January 27, 2023. Some 25 Remnants congregated in the garden room for burgers and beer and tried to recall the distant memories of the 2022 cricket season.

Remnants class of 1985 reunion: Les Collings, Colin Anderson and Paul Jordan.

This challenge was focussed on the annual quiz:

(To see the answers simply highlight the region below the questions with your mouse by dragging the cursor across the screen with the left button held down.)

    What's in a name?

  1. What are some of the different ways Faruk Kara's name was recorded by various scorers last year? (up to 8 runs)

    "Farouk" (1); "Farooq" (2); "Faruk" (2); "Fahruk" (1); "Farooz" (1); "Cara" (1); "Faruk Kara" (1); "Kara" (2); and "Carra" (1).

    No caption needed.

  2. How did Geoff refer to Sally when sorting out his diary of engagements? (1 run)


  3. Which Centaurs played for us against their own team? (2 runs)

    Temoor Khan and Qaiser Ahmed.

  4. How many times did the phrase "wicket keeper Marcus Baker" appear in wicket keeper Marcus Baker's match report for the June NCI game? (1 run)

    Nine times.

    Ball in hand

  5. Whose grandson began his Remnants career with figures of 3 overs, 2 maidens, 2/2? (1 run)

    Colin Cowdrey, whose grandson Alex made his Remnants debut.

  6. Which one-time Remnant made their Test debut this summer? (1 run)

    Lauren Bell (Andy's daughter, who played in an internal club game back in 2013).

  7. Which three bowlers took four-fors this season? (3 runs)

    Temoor Khan (4/14), Phil Hastings (4/18) and James Robinson (4/20).

  8. Which two bowlers kept Girton batter George Shanks scoreless for 25 balls? (2 runs)

    John Moore and Daniel Mortlock.

  9. Which current Remnant made his debut on the "that's so village" Facebook/Twitter feed? (1 run)

    Pete Ames (who dropped a simple return chance in such a way as to run out the non-striker).

  10. Who targeted the wet patch and what was the result? (2 runs)

    Daniel Mortlock targeted the wet patch (right on the edge of the cut strip); after landing the ball leapt past the batter's face and was taken brilliantly by Marcus Baker, who completed an amazing stumping.

  11. How and by who was Pete Ames dismissed in the mid-season internal game? (2 runs)

    Bowled with Andy's "run out of ideas ball" (where he runs in from mid-off).

    Getting the runs

  12. Who saved us with 33* off 11 balls? (1 run)

    Ben Stone against Sharks.

  13. Whose season batting average was 267.00? (1 run)

    Will Phelps.

  14. Who hit the winning runs off the final ball? (1 run)

    CJ Barrie or Will Phelps.

  15. Who outscored Kanwar Singh, what did he score and why did he get out? (3 runs)

    Dave Green, who ended up running himself out for 22 (off 28 balls) as he "wasn't scoring fast enough".

  16. Who scored at a rate of £100 per run? (1 run)

    Andy Bell, who made 9 against ARM using his daughter's &pooun900 bat.

  17. Who was dismissed by his own brother at Fenner's? (1 run)

    Olly Rex, who was bowled by Ferdi Rex's ill-disguised slower ball.

  18. Who almost beat his own dad to retirement? (1 run)

    Samuel Serby, who opened the batting with Tom against Cambridge Assessment.

    No "i" in team

  19. Which two teams seemed strangely reluctant to pass our total? (2 runs)

    NCI (who accepted a draw after a rain interruption with just six runs needed) and the Enzymes (whose scorers kept fudging things after they'd passed our total so that more of their guys could get a bat).

  20. What was the name of the strategy Remnants used to beat Grantchester? (1 run)


  21. Which team used three different wicket-keepers in the first three overs of our innings? (1 run)

    The Woozlers, thanks to a combination of injuries and hospital runs.

  22. What happened for the first time in Remnants history on July 18 last year? (1 run)

    We had a match (against Trinity) cancelled due to extreme heat.

  23. How many Remnants were in the St Giles side we beat? (1 run)

    Six: Badger; Stone; Ames; Barrie; Hammersley; and Phelps.

  24. How did we get a fixture against The Dobblers Inn? (1 run)

    Rob Harvey stopped by for a pint because he knew the Test would be on the TV there.

Total: 40 runs.

Markus "Beard" Baker, Max "Moustache" Ayliffe, James "???" Robinson and Neil "Goatee" Grover share their spoils.

The winners, with 21/40, were the Bassingbourn Beards, who were rewarded with some chocolates for their troubles.

The Champagne Moment of the evening?

We also had a few more presentations: Chris Badger got the Champagne Moment award for masterminding the "Badgeball" triumph against Grantchester; and John Moore got the Les Collings Pickled Egg Award for averaging 63.00 with the ball last season.

Several pickled eggs.