Remnants vs. Cambridge St Giles

17:45, Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Dry Drayton

Match cancelled.

Report by Daniel Mortlock:

Rain is an inevitability of cricket in England (and just about everywhere else bar the UAE) and clubs failing to put teams out is pretty common at our level, but today's match was cancelled for altogether different reasons. The problem is that there are some houses very close to the square boundary of the ground at Dry Drayton and, despite the presence of an enormous net to protect said buildings, one in particular has taken a peppering this year (possibly because the improved quality of the pitch has resulted in higher bounce and hence more freedom to play back-foot pulls). The owners have gone so far as to threaten legal action and so St Giles have agreed only to play on the most distant pitch, effectively reducing the size of the square and hence the number of games they can host. And tonight's match was one of the fixtures that they (reluctantly) had to cut.