Remnants vs. Hockerill College

14:00, Sunday, June 24, 2012
Gonville & Caius College

Hockerill College (64/6 in 15 6-ball overs and 52/8 in 17 6-ball overs)
lost to
Remnants (103/4 in 15 6-ball overs and 15/0 in 3.5 6-ball overs)
by 10 wickets.

People playing cricket.

In the absence of a Remnants scribe Hockerill captain Paul Jordan (possibly familiar to some of you) took it upon myself to act as guest writer for the report.

A glance down the fixture list will tell you that today's game was a rare beast: a weekend game and played on a Sunday to boot. The occasion was a friendly match against Hockerill College, a team that we have played a number of times over the years, but with today's match taking on particular significance. It was to be the final hurrah for a team that existed 35 years ago and against all odds put out a collection of those original players. Some hadn't played since the last game over 3 years ago and their numbers were boosted by the overseas acquisition of an M.B.E. winner (who? - ed.) and his son. The format was to be a 60-over match divided into two 15-over innings. In spite of the weather forecast we assembled at the delightful venue of Gonville & Caius College.

Hockerill batted first and, in spite of a spirited opening and some good bowling from Joe White (0/9) and Olly Rex (1/15), they eventually succumbed to a modest 64 runs. This was in no small part to a combination of some rusty batting, but in the main some fiendish slow bowling from Messieurs Rex (4/17 [the best Remnants bowling figures of the year so far - ed.]), Moore (1/6) and, later in the day, Green. Their bamboozling flight and variation ripped through the Hockerill batting, ably supported by a welcome return of Eli Ellwood (0/17) and new boy Joe Howarth (1/4).

The Remnants top order prepares to go to town on the out-of-practice Hockerill attack: Joes Howarth and White, Olly Rex and Rob Harvey.

Jim Dowsett gets hold of one (or maybe the other way 'round - were his eyes closed?).

Remnants, with the aid of some judicious massaging of the batting line-up, cruised to 100+ with some fine hitting from Olly Rex (30 off 14 balls [the fastest Remnants innings of the year so far - ed.]) and Joe Howarth (35 off 35 balls). The Hockerill bowlers were equal to the task but severely limited with options. Mario Stubbs (0/27) bowled at a brisk pace and good line and was supported at the other end by the only Hockerill college player still playing cricket today: Paul Jordan (1/20). Skipper Michael Wintle (2/25) eventually settled into a good line with swing and movement in the air and off the seam: a trademark of his bowling at his best.

People eating food.

Hockerill's second innings matched their first in that they again fell victim to Joe White's devilish tactical master plan by bowling the secret weapon . . . Dave Green. Dave being modest as ever qualified his bowling efforts as being occasional, but stunned everyone with some lovely controlled slow bowling, finishing with 2/8. Enter Rob Harvey (1/11) who continued the torment. Sadly the Hockerill batting left Remnants with the modest total of 14 runs to get, something that could not be contrived to last 15 overs!

Dave Green and Sally Hales set about the onerous task of scoring Remnants' second innings.

On behalf of all the Hockerill players, supporters I would like to thank Remnants players, and in particular Joe, for giving these brave players a dignified and memorable last game, and also to express my appreciation to Geoff and Sally Hales, who once again umpired and scored the whole match. I am slightly sad that that this is the end of the Hockerill team, but at least there is at one more team left that I can still play for and to be honest there is no finer collection of people I'd rather be with. Thank you.

Geoff Hales listing to port (as is his wont).