2011 Remnants annual general meeting

Rob Harvey, Dave Norman and Andy Owen: some oversight committee.

The 2011 Remnants CC annual general meeting was held at on the evening of Tuesday, March 1 at the Fitzwilliam College Cricket Ground bar.


Members present: Dave Green; Geoff Hales; Rob Harvey; Paul Jordan; Adrian Mellish; Nicky Mellish; Daniel Mortlock Dave Norman; Andy Owen; John Richer; Joe White; Dave Williams; and Russell Woolf.

Apologies: Matt Hughes; Faruk Kara; Simon McAdam; Tom Serby George Speller; and Phil Watson.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of last year's AGM, held on March 17, 2010, were taken as read.

The treasurer's report

Treasurer Dave Williams and his bodyguard, Russell Woolf.

Dave Williams once again provided an in-depth treasurer's report. Included were several discussion points which were opened up to the meeting:

Secretary's report

Daniel Mortlock uses his ultra-realistic Geoff Hales ventriloquist doll to read his secretary's report while a visibly perturbed Joe White can't not look.

The 2010 season summary was read out by the secretary as his report. However a number of issues arose which were opened up for discussion by the meeting.

Captain's report

Joe White's captain report was "not massively long", but painted the picture of another successful Remnants season. Playing once a week (leaving the team to be led by the club vice-captain or other player, as necessary) seems to work fine.

Election of officers

Paul Jordan ponders the club's welfare.

General business

The 2010 annual dinner was a success, but there was some debate about both the menu choices and cost, with some members requesting more traditional British food. No firm decision was reached about where to have next year's dinner, but several candidates were suggestd, the most promising of which is the upstairs room at The Maypole. This will be investigated towards the end of the season. Faruk Kara once again requested that we avoid Thanksgiving (i.e., Friday, November 26, 2011 and Saturday, November 27, 2011), although it appears to be more important to avoid scheduling it within a fortnight of the Romsey Town dinner (as many people would choose one or the other if they're too close).

Russell Woolf and Adrian Mellish have both attended and passed an umpiring course (for which the club will reimburse them), so expect to see them leading the way when it comes to officiating this year.

Due to the unavailability of Fitz during the second half of August, it's possible the Remnants season might finish earlier than usual this year. Richard Rex may be able to secure us access to Queens' College's Ground this year, in which case the late season games will be played there, although playing away matches in those short evenings is less than ideal. As a compensation we have an all-day "post-season" match scheduled against Burrough Green on Saturday, September 24.

Dave Williams, Russell Woolf and Adrian Mellish all agree it's bed-time.