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Remnants vs. Watsonians

Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Fitzwilliam College

Match cancelled.

After one of the most glorious weekends on record we've endured one of the most awful weeks: ninety per cent humidity, temperatures in the high twenties, and violent thunderstorms. All of which combined to ensure that i) Fitz was underwater this morning and ii) there was deemed to be bugger all chance of the surface water evaporating. Thus the match was cancelled early in the day, although by 6pm it was hot and sunny and all the pitches I walked past on the way to town seemed plenty dry enough to play.

However the fact that this, our fourth 2004 fixture against one of Phil Watson's teams, was cancelled has at least ensured a positive ledger against His Furriness: the scoreline ``Hales 2, Watson 1'' will be to the twenty-first century what ``England 4, Germany 2'' was to the twentieth.

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