Remnants Cricket Club

Remnants founder Geoff Hales celebrates the club's thousandth game. (Picture credit: Keith Heppell)

Remnants is a Cambridge-based cricket club that has played over a thousand matches since it was formed in 1980. The club has a loose connection to Cambridge University's physics and astronomy departments - the name is a quiet pun on "supernova remnant", the shell of gas left behind after a large star explodes - but has evolved to a point where its membership is reasonably representative of the town as a whole. During the summer months we have one or two friendly matches a week against pub teams, colleges, nearby villages, workplaces and the like; we also play the occasional afternoon weekend game. Players of all standards are welcome, and anyone interested in joining should contact the club secretary.

The navigation bar (which has hopefully appeared at the left of the window) gives access to information on the current season, as well as the all-time records, but probably the first place to look is the news page.