Steve Rawlings (1962-2012)

Steve Rawlings, who played 69 games for Remnants in the late '80s and captained the club in 1988 and 1989, died suddenly on January 12 this year. News of his death was greatly shocking and upsetting to the many Remnants players from this period, as well as many later members, a number of whom knew Steve professionally as well. This web-page is intended to serve as a permanent tribute to Steve - if you would like to add your own message please contact Daniel Mortlock.

I was very sorry to hear of Steven's death as I preserve good memories of when he was playing for Remnants. As a cricketer I remember him as a penetrating pace bowler with an especially wicked in-swinging yorker. As a captain he was very efficient, always giving the impression he knew what he was doing, and with a personality which made you want to give of your best.

As an example of his leadership skills, and also of his good character, I remember one situation clearly. On one occasion, in Steven's absence as captain, another individual was filling this role. I had a bit of a disagreement with this person during the game. Steven got to hear of this and after the next Remnants game he invited me for a one-to-one drink. While having this, Steven explained to me that the individual I had clashed with was not renowned for his "people skills" and that in his professional life was also known to ruffle feathers. This action by Steven, in taking the time to talk to me personally, showed me that, not only did he take his role as club captain seriously but, also, he respected and cared about his team mates as individuals.

In my memory Steven was held in high regard by everybody in Remnants who played with him and I shall always remember with pleasure that I had the opportunity to be one of his team mates.

Mike Sneyd, January 2012

Steve Rawlings played in the successful Remnants teams of the late 1980s and was an enthusiastic and skillful all-rounder, whose free scoring with the bat was matched by his lively medium pace bowling.

He was from the Radio Astronomy Group of Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory, which has been the backbone of the club ever since it started in 1980. Steve made his debut in May 1985 on a Sunday afternooon on Parker's Piece in a match that was soon abandoned due to rain, but on the following Sunday he scored 74* against The Blue Ball also on Parker's Piece. He followed this up by scoring 33 and taking 2/9 against Cambridge University Press and taking 2/4 against Fulboutrn HPTA. In the following season he bowled a spell of 3 overs, 1 maiden, 4/3, again against Fulboun.

Steve was elected Remnants captain in 1988. My best memory of his captaincy was when he declared a Remnants innings after 10 (of 15) overs so that we would have better light to bowl in. It's the only time we've ever declared in an evening match - and we won.

Steve was as respected in the astronomy community as he was by us as a cricketer. He was a great teammate and a good friend.

Geoff Hales, January 2012

I remember Steve fondly from a time when I was an over-qualified solder monkey in the RA group, and he was finishing his PhD. He was a constant refreshment to drink tea with, play cricket with, and consume unhealthy volumes of beer with. I'd like to say his taste in music was equal to his taste in beer, but his predilection for Kate Bush, Yes and Keith Emerson in classical mode was, I think, unique to him. After he went to Oxford, we fell out of touch, and re-connected all too briefly at the 50th anniversary of the RA group in 2007, then at John Baldwin's memorial last year. While the years had left their mark on the body, the levity of mind, the quickness of voice and the light in the eyes still shone. For him to be gone is a tragedy. To know that he's gone is a sadness. To remember him here is a smile.

Nick Johnson, March 2012