Team selection

Availabilities and team selection are handled entirely via an on-line system - there will be no e-mails except for last-minute changes (including match cancellations); and there will be phonecalls only in emergency cases. The main aim is to try and ensure that all regular playing members get one game a week during the season (although this is not always possible), while ensuring we field well-balanced teams.

The instructions for players are as follows:

  1. Start by checking the current season's fixture list and identifying any games - even months in the future - that you'd like to play.
  2. Indicate your availability on this season's Doodle poll (the URL for which can be obtained by contacting Daniel Mortlock), clicking once to get a green tick for any game you actively want to play and clicking again to get a yellow bracketed tick for any game where you might be available (e.g., in case of last-minute drop-outs). Please enter your full name (i.e., "Don Bradman" or "Donald Bradman", but not "D. G. Bradman" or "the Don") as this will be processed automatically to make team lists. You can edit/update your availabilities by clicking on the "fat pencil" that appears when you hover the mouse over your name; don't forget to click "Send" at the far right after you've made changes.
  3. Team lists for the coming week's matches will be posted by the preceding weekend, most often on the Thursday of the preceding week. The team lists will be linked as match reports on the current season's fixture list, and no confirmation e-mails are sent out. If you've put yourself down as available to play (i.e., the green/"Yes" option on the Doodle poll) then it is your responsibility to check the team-list. If you've listed yourself as possibly available (i.e., the yellow/"(Yes)" option on the Doodle poll) then you won't be selected unless we're short, but you will be contacted to confirm availability if needed.
  4. Doodle poll entries for the coming week's matches will no longer be examined once the team lists have been posted, so if you wish to register late availability - or, heaven forbid, pull out of a game - you should contact Daniel Mortlock directly.
  5. A corrollary of this last point is that, once posted, the team lists will not be changed without contacting anyone affected, so you do not need to keep checking back once you have seen the team lists for the coming week.
  6. On the all-too-common rainy days on which a wash-out is possible sporadic updates will be posted above the relevant team list, althoug the fact that Fitz now has covers means that a cancellation before about 4pm is unlikely. In the event of a cancellation an e-mail will be sent out to everyone in the relevant team (and players on the "also available" list for that day) and the web-site will also be updated. Players will not be contacted by phone.