Media coverage

Okay, sure, reports of Remnants matches don't cover the back pages of the nation's papers, and our players are seldom the snapped by papparazi coming out of trendy Cambridge nightclubs, but there has been occasional media interest in the club and its members.

In putting together our tribute book for Geoff, Dave Williams asked former England captain Mike Atherton if he would contribute a short message, given that he'd given Remnants a net session back in the early '90s. Atherton, ever a gentleman, duly obliged and his contribution can be seen on page ? of the book. We'd assumed that would be that, but in his article on the season just gone in The Times on Thursday, September 17, Atherton included a brief mention of Geoff and Remnants:

The thousandth Remnants game in 2017 was obviously a big deal for the club, but it turned out there was wider interest too, with the The Cambridge Independent running a two-page spread in their Wednesday, August 30, edition. The article doesn't appear on their web-site, but fortunately we managed to secure a few physical copies, so you can view a scan.

Rather remarkably, two pre-Remnants appeared in the paper several years before the club even existed. In 1978 Geoff Hales (foreground, with massive flares) and Mike Sneyd (second from the left) decided to teach some of their foreign language students an education in the fine art of batting, and the below photograph of one of their lessons appeared in The Cambridge Evening News. This fact would have been lost to antiquity but for the fact it reappeared in May 2009 as one of the paper's regular historical images, with the request "can you tell us more about it?" And of course we can - several Remnants contacted the paper to tell them just what was going on.

Geoff Hales (foreground, in horrific flares) teaches one of his foreign language students how to play a forward defensive, while various other class members (and fellow teacher, Mike Sneyd, second from left) look on in awe. (Photograph from The Cambridge Evening News.)