Google results

Rather than writing down the long and somewhat ephemeral URL for the Remnants web-site, it's often simpler to just tell people to "google 'Remnants cricket' ". Having dished out this advice often enough, it seemed worth checking whether it was valid.

The good news is that it is: putting "Remnants cricket" (without the quotes) gives the club web-page as the top result, although that's maybe not too surprising given that these two words aren't naturally related.

More of a surprise, however, was (on April 21, 2010, at least) that searching just for "Remnants" in Google UK not only throws up "Remnants cricket" as one of its suggested continuations . . .

. . . but that the club web-site is the seventh result (out of several million):

Most of the pages above us are fairly generic definitions of the word "remnant(s)". However there is also treachery afoot, as the sixth entry is the supernova remnant page maintained by our very own Dave Green. But, possibly even more galling, is that we're also beaten by another sporting club, the Remnants Hockey Club, despite their more exclusive membership criteria.

Class will out: the club web-site is, as at May 27, 2010, up to fifth on the Google listings for "remnants":