Geoff Hales (1948-2020)

All Remnants members were shocked by the sad news that club founder Geoff Hales died suddenly on March 19, 2020. Due to the coronavirus-enforced national lock-down there has not yet been a chance to properly celebrate Geoff's life - news will be posted here when that is possible, with the long-term aim being an all-day game at Fenner's next summer. Geoff's contribution to Remnants, and by extension all friendly cricket in Cambridge, was immense: he ran the club single-handed for three decades, playing over 400 games in the process, and instilled the values of friendly competition and good sportsmanship that define the club ethos. The best long-term tribute we can pay to Geoff is to ensure that the club continues in this vein for many years to come, and many Remnants contributed to this wonderful tribute book (which is 31MB, so may take a little time to load).

Writing in The Times on Thursday, September 17, 2020, Mike Atherton included a small mention of Geoff in his summary of the summer of cricket just gone:

Cambridge University Cricket Club also published their own tribute to Geoff (who'd scored for them for many seasons) in their March 2021 newsletter.