2023 Remnants annual general meeting

The 2023 Remnants CC annual general meeting was held online (using Zoom) on the evening of Tuesday, March 21.


Members present: Qaiser Ahmed; Andy Bell; Ev Fox; Neil Grover; Paul Jordan; Faruk Kara; Stefan Mandelbaum; Daniel Mortlock; Andy Owen; James Robinson; Joe White.

Apologies: Chris Badger; Sumith Dalu Godage; Eli Elwood; Cam Petrie; Phil Watson.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of last year's AGM, held on Match 28, 2022, were read and confirmed.

The treasurer's report

Treasurer Joe White provided a report based primarily on the statements from the club's bank account. We operated at a small gain of £58.01 over the year. There were a few late payments from some players and opposition clubs, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Dave Norman wasn't present, but confirmed that Fitzwilliam College's ground hire fee will remain £72.00 (including VAT) for evening games. So we will be able to keep individual match fees at £6.00 for adults and £3.00 for juniors, and the charge to visiting teams at £40.00. (with the additional amount to cover the match ball).

Faruk Kara suggested a College/University connection might absolve us of VAT; we will investigate this possibility.

Secretary's report

The 2022 season proceeded pretty much as normal - the remaining Covid measures from 2021 were completely discarded. We played 31 completed matches, along with two aborted drawn games, and just two cancellations (one, rather worryingly, due to extreme heat). The clear highlight of the season was the Geoff Hales Memorial Match at Fenner's, which was a superb celebration of Geoff's life and founding contribution to Remnants CC in particular.

This year's fixture list is largely complete, although there are a few regular opponents who we won't be playing as they haven't responded to enquiries. The internal Remnants vs. Remnants game will be on Tuesday, June 27.

Captain's and vice-captains' reports

Captain Daniel Mortlock reported that, of the 29 completed external matches (to go along with the 2 draws) we won 12 and lost 17 for the season, a slightly concerning ledger. There was some discussion of this, the general sense of which was that this was close enough to being balanced that we shouldn't change our defining approach of prioritising opportunities for all players (as opposed to aiming simply to win).

The only vice-captain present was Paul Jordan, who played mainly on Tuesdays and lamented the lack of success in the games he played. (One cheeky member suggested the relationship was causal.)

Club welfare officer's report

Eli Ellwood wasn't able to attend the meeting, but reported via e-mail that there were no incidents from last season, and that the only communications from the Cambridgeshire Cricekt Association were informational, with no actions required.

Election of officers

Previously we had club captain and vice-captain(s) as officers, but we have increasingly moved towards a system of having individual day captains, which we effectively formalised at this meeting. Several experienced/regular players are likely to act in this role, including Qaiser Ahmed, Chris Badger, Paul Jordan, Daniel Mortlock, Cam Petrie and James Robinson, but this will be organised on a rolling basis.


General business

There was no other business.