Remnants vs. NCI

12:30, Saturday, September 9, 2023
Parker's Piece

Remnants (102/5 in 20 6-ball overs and 120/8 in 20 6-ball overs)
lost to
NCI (118/8 in 20 6-ball overs and 105/1 in 14.2 6-ball overs)
by 9 wickets.

Report by Tom Serby:

The prospect of playing in a cricket match on Parker's Piece for Cambridge cricketers deprived of the practice holds out a certain frisson, John Moore before the match posted that he was "looking forward to some theatre and maybe a bit of cricket". Simon Godsill seemed much less enamoured on learning the game was to be played at the Piece, posting "Oh no. Is it at PP?", but was still sufficiently excited to later post a photo of the ground a full hour before start time announcing his bus had just dropped him off.

People playing cricket.

The match was a two-innings T20 "test" (i.e., the team scoring the highest aggregate total the winners).

James Robinson (47 off 53 balls) and Tom Serby (18 off 20 balls) got Remnants off to a promising start in its first innings, but with the exception of skipper Cam Petrie (16 off 9 balls) the middle order couldn't get going, and we only just passed the 100 mark.

The home team were making this look a paltry total until the redoubtable Regan retired "hot" on 36* (and yes, it was very very hot, being a a Cambridge record for September - more on that later). Ultimately NCI's first innings lead was a manageable 16.

Celebrating a wicket.

What should have happened now was that anyone either watching (and particularly playing) should have been taking on large quantities of liquid, but clearly not everyone did . . .

NCI's opening attack for the second innings (M. Ahmed, bowling to four slips, a gully and point) could not have been more different to the first (Charlotte Graham). As it happened, both bowlers bowled a similar line and length and Charlotte, pace off, was more effective, Tom Serby (50* retired off 42 balls) enjoying throwing his hands through the quicker stuff, slashing away productively behind the wicket. Otherwise, only Luke Ennew (25 off 24 balls) - who also kept magnificently on what was his Remnants debut - of the Remnants second innings made it into double figures, Cam (3 off 2 balls) being very unfortunate to fall for a great catch at mid-wicket to a ball he creamed.

NCI's hyper-aggressive field at the start of the second innings.

Bowling-wise, across both innings Julius Rix was the pick of the Remnants attack for general control and economy (1/23 off 6), Naveen Chouksey being the most penetrative (3/29 off 4 overs in NCI's first dig), Tim Simmance also picking up two in the first innings (2/29 off 4). John Moore, naturally, provided the theatre and picked up two wickets, plus a loud cheer, as he came in to bowl, of "Jonny Moore" from the sizeable group of his supporters present. Remnants' other bowler Dian Weerakonda bowled a generally good length and was unlucky not to pick up wickets. When it was all put together NCI chased down in their second innings with 5 overs in the tank, despite the diversionary distracting tactics in the penultimate over of fielder Tom Serby staggering off the field leaving in his wake some morsels for any dogs happening to be roaming on the Piece after the match (sunstroke, insufficient liquid- happily speedily recovered after a cold shower).

A great occasion played in a great spirit, albeit too hot for some.