2022 Remnants annual general meeting

The 2022 Remnants CC annual general meeting was held online (using Zoom) on the evening of Monday, March 28.


Members present: Eli Ellwood; Ev Fox; Paul Jordan; Daniel Mortlock; Andy Owen; Cam Petrie; Richard Rex; John Young.

Apologies: Chris Badger; Nick Johnson; Faruk Kara; James Robinson; Phil Watson; Joe White; Dave Williams.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of last year's AGM, held on April 6, 2021, were read and confirmed.

The treasurer's report

Joe White provided a detailed treasurer's report, based primarily on the statements from the club's bank account, since all our transactions have been electronic. We operated at a small loss of £113.18 over the year, mainly resulting from the contstant fixed costs but reduced income from matches (since we typically make a small profit each match). This was, of course, driven by the fact that we had a greatly reduced season due to the Covid pandemic.

Fitz pitch fees should stay at £72.00 (including VAT), so it was agreed that match fees will stay at £6.00 for adults and £3.00 for juniors unless this changes. The charge to visiting teams will remain at £40.00.

Secretary's report

The 2021 season proceeded pretty much as normal - the strong Covid measures of 2020 were largely discarded, with the club increasingly vaccinated as the season progressed, and it felt much like any other season, with 33.4 matches played and full sides out for just about every game. The obvious highlight was the internal game, which served as a "placeholder" celebration of Geoff's life in lieu of a proper celebration planned for this season. There was general agreement on this, but perhaps we could be more organised with the balls.

This year's fixture list is largely complete, although it's again been difficult to fill every spot. Overall, there's a sense that the number and variety of opposition teams is a bit reduced. The main uncertainty is when we'll hold a weekend (probably Sunday) games in honour of Geoff, Russ and various other Remnants legends who are no longer with us.

Daniel was thanked by the club for his efforts.

Captain's and vice-captains' reports

Captain Daniel Mortlock reported that, of the 32 external matches completed, we won 16 and lost 16 for the season, quite an achievement after starting off with 7 losses from our first 9 games. This was especially welcome given our poor record in 2020 - it's not that winning any game is that big a thing, but a club that never (or seldom) wins is perhaps getting something wrong, so it's hopefully an indication that we're largely getting thing right on the field.

Vice-captain Paul Jordan didn't actually captain any games as he almost always played with Daniel, and otherwise Chris led. Possibly the cricket felt more serious this year, with the baseline standard higher.

Vice-captain Cam Petrie finally got to play regularly, turning out 13 times, and so got a good sense of the opposition and our players. A few of our stronger players were challenged by the strong opposition but rose to the challenge.

Vice-captain Chris Badger was unable to attend in person, but sent a quick text report: "Good year; competitive cricket; hopefully enjoyable for everyone."

Club welfare officer's report

Club welfare officer Eli Ellwood was largely absent last season due to injury, but has kept up his ECB qualifications, etc., which is helped by sharing this duty with Harlton. There are very few junior players turning out for Remnants but other teams do have juniors, so we do have to be careful about this. No concerns to report - and hope to play more often this season. Eli will produce a one-page summary of the important issues for stand-in captains.

Election of officers


General business

There was no other business.