2021 Remnants dinner

This year's Remnants annual dinner was held at The Alex pub on the evening of Friday, November 19. Twenty-odd Remnants congregated in the garden room to

The formalities began with the annual quiz:

(To see the answers simply highlight the region below the questions with your mouse by dragging the cursor across the screen with the left button held down.)

    Broken records

  1. Tony Malik lost his hold on the club wicket-taking record this year; what year did he (first) take this title, and who did he overtake? (2 runs)

    Tony overtook Andy Brown in 1992.

  2. Who broke the club record for fielding dismissals (i.e., catches and stumpings combined) this year and who held the record previously? (2 runs)

    Andy Owen broke Geoff Hales's record when he made his 168th dismissal.

  3. Who broke the club record for catches (including outfield and 'keeping together) this year and who held the record previously? (2 runs)

    Daniel Mortlock broke Geoff Hales's record when he took his 118th catch.

    "What do they know of cricket who only cricket know?"

  4. Who is quoted above? (1 run)

    CLR James (in Beyond a Boundary).

  5. Who took a great catch despite wearing grey tracksuit bottoms? (1 run)

    Chris Badger.

  6. Who literally tried to dig us out of trouble when we were struggling to score runs against Linton? (1 run)

    Marcus Baker.

  7. What is the Urdu exclamation for "joy, triumph, applause or encouragement", and why is this being asked about in this quiz? (2 runs)

    The word is "shabash!" which was used repeatedly by TK's Cambridge Centaurs while thrashing us back in June.

  8. Which opposition player has YouTube videos with millions of hits, and which two teams did he play for against us this year? (3 runs)

    (Pastor) Jeswin Samuel, who played against us for both St Barnabas Church and Northstowe.

  9. In the course of an administrative meltdown we at one point posted a team list including two captains and two wicket-keepers; name all four. (4 runs)

    The captains were Joe White and Chris Badger; the wicket-keepers were Marcus Baker and Everton Fox.

  10. Who did the Northstowe scorer name as joint "man of match" in our late-season encounter against them? (2 runs)

    "bad light" and "James" (Robinson).

    A batter's game

  11. Who was the only player to score more than one half-century this year for Remnants and how many did he make? (2 runs)

    Chris Badger, who got to raise his bat three times.

  12. Who was dismissed by Andy Owen despite the fact Andy wasn't even playing - and how did this happen? (2 runs)

    Ashwin Venkatesh, who was batting so well that Andy said "he looks solid" - at which point he swiped across the line and was bowled next ball.

  13. Exluding players who didn't bat at all, who faced the fewest deliveries for Remnants this season and how many balls did they face? (2 runs)

    Faruk Kara, who didn't get on strike during his one innings and so faced 0 balls.

    "Bowlers are not the cultural elite."

  14. Who is quoted above? (1 run)

    Former US Vice-President Dan Quayle (who one imagines was talking about a different type of bowling).

  15. Who was the only bowler to deliver more than a single maiden over for Remnants this year, and how many did he manage? (2 runs)

    Sushant Achawal, who delivered 4 maidens (and was the most economical bowler).

  16. Who wrote a match report in which he described his own bowling action as being "like a frog in a blender"? (1 run)

    Pete Ames.

  17. Who was the only bowler to take a four-for for Remnants this year? (1 run)

    Huw Davies, who took 4/24 in the internal game.

    Winning isn't everything

  18. What (low) total did we fail to overhaul against ARM, and what year did we last fail to chase a lower total? (2 runs)

    ARM's 79/9 was too much for us; the last time we'd fail to chase a lower total was 34 years ago, in 1988.

  19. We were half way towards beating The Woozlers until rain resulted in the only draw of the year; what year did we last beat them, and how many times have they beaten us since then? (2 runs)

    2013, since when they've beaten us 11 times in a row.

    Remember the name!

  20. What were the names of the two teams in the internal fixture? (2 runs for the answers; 2 more runs for correct spelling)

    AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

  21. Which of our opponents were believed (incorrectly) to be a high-end legal firm? (1 run)

    Lidgate & Ousden.

  22. How was Naveen Chouksey immortalised by the NCI scorer? (1 run)


Total: 40 runs.

The comfortable winners, with 18/40, were the loose alliance of Joe White, Cam Petrie and Chris Badger - although it briefly looked like Huw Davies was going to win single-handedly when did much better than everyone on the history questions.

Still, Huw did just fine, being awarded the Champagne Moment award for his efforts in the internal game: not only did he get four wickets (as trailed in the quiz above), but he also took a superb running catch after he'd used up his allotment of overs. (Huw also won for a four-for in 2019, believed to be a unique case of back-to-back wins.)

The pickled egg award was also trailed in the quiz: it went to Faruk Kara for his unique achievement of not only batting without facing a ball all season, but having obtained false memories having faced.

The dinner was also a chance to remember the Remnants legends: it was our first dinner without Geoff; Russell Woold had finally lost his battle against cancer just a week ago; and we also found out that Pete Warner had recently died. We raised a glass to all of them - and also to the future of many more seasons of Remnants cricket to come.