Remnants vs. AVEVA

17:45, Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Fitzwilliam College

AVEVA (119/6 in 14 8-ball overs)
lost to
Remnants (120/4 in 13.2 8-ball overs)
by 6 wickets.

Report by neither Dave Williams nor Quentin Harmer:

As the above scores suggest, this match seems to have been a fairly regulation Remnants win: a moderate total chased down with balls and wickets in hand - not the sort of thing spoken about in hushed tones for years to come. Far more interesting were the various off-field goings on.

The strangest of these concerns the report itself. A seemingly innocuous comment by Paul Jordan on the WhatsApp group that he "asked Dave Williams if he'd do a match report which I think he will do, may need a gentle reminder" was decisively rebuffed by Dave: "You asked me but I didn't agree to do it - Quentin had already said he would do it. You knew that, yes?" Quentin confirmed that he had indeed been asked, but responded with "a slightly uncharacteristically emphatic 'no' " due to work commitments. Hence this non-report . . .

. . . which wouldn't really have been worth writing but for the return to Fitz of Remnants' prodigal son, Tony Malik. He wasn't playing, sadly, but donned the white coat to umpire the entire game (while simultaneously giving unsolicited coaching to both Remnants and AVEVA players alike). For Remnants veterans this was all a welcome reminder of the nineties and naughties (when Tony played almost every match), but for the more recent recruits it was a chance to meet the legend, whose names is plastered over all the club records pages. Even if Tony himself firmly rejected "legend" status it was delightful to hear about this meeting of generations, emphasizing once again the importance of the long-term continuity that Geoff nurtured for the best part of forty years.

Temoor Khan meet Tony Malik . . .

Ev Fox reacts with skepticism to Faruk Kara's claim that there are some club records not held by Tony.

Ev Fox standing up.

Quentin Harmer sends one down.

Tony Malik, umpiring, tries to work out whether Faruk Kara is bowling or just dancing on pointe?

Tom Serby gets our chase underway.