Remnants vs. The Cavendish Laboratory

17:45, Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Fitzwilliam College

Match cancelled.

Logbook by Daniel Mortlock:

7:33am: Wake up to an e-mail from the opposition organisers asking if there was "any news regard the ground and weather for tomorrow" and noting that "depending on where you look there will be atleast some rain about 1800". Decided to take a stand against such negativity: "Fitz has covers and good drainage, so it's very unlikely for the game to be called off unless there's heavy rain today before the start time."

7:34am: Check the BBC weather forecast for Cambridge to see rain probabilities of up to 30% for the evening - but surely that will go down?

11:46am: Call Dave Norman to see how things are at the ground. Some rain yesterday and wind now . . . but the Fitz covers are, like most of their design, immovable because the wheels are broken. So much for "Fitz has covers" . . .

3:21pm: Bite the bullet and head to King's Cross for the train to Cambridge - feels very strange to be at the ticket machines again for the first time since last season. Right: off-peak day return to Cambridge, that's . . . £27.60?!? Oh right, need to apply the railcard discount . . . except it expired four months ago. Bollocks . . . still, not like there've been that much expenditure bar Netflix and gin . . .

3:22pm: Ping! A text from Dave Norman - that can't be good. And, indeed, it isn't: "it's been lashing it down here for the last half hour forecast is very frequent heavy showers till 8 ish , so I think it's best to call it off . Massive hail storm here now."

3:23pm: Head to the ticket office:
"Hi, I'd like to get a refund for this ticket please."
"But I don't understand, sir - you only purchased two minutes ago . . ."
"Well, funny story . . ."