Remnants vs. The Cavendish Laboratory

17:45, Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Fitzwilliam College

Match cancelled.

Report by Daniel Mortlock:

The first few matches of the season normally involve lots of scrabbling around for players and a general sense of doing something for the first time rather than, in this case, the 41st. But, this year was different, with the arrangements for this evening's game all settled more than a month in advance. The reason, sadly, was the deadly coronavirus pandemic that meant all cricket was "cancelled until further notice" way back in March.

Even though this match report could have been written any time in the month since, and then cut-and-pasted week after week, it seems worth marking this first case of a Remnants game being cancelled not due to weather, not due to a lack of players, and not due to some administrative stuff-up - but because of a microscopic virus (well, strictly, lots and lots of them).