2019 Remnants dinner

This year's Remnants annual dinner was held at The Alex pub Gwydir Street on the evening of Friday, November 22.

Geoff Hales, presiding over informalities.

The formalities began with the annual quiz:

(To see the answers simply highlight the region below the questions with your mouse by dragging the cursor across the screen with the left button held down.)


  1. Who scored the most runs for the season and how many did they make (to within 10)? (2 runs)

    This was Chris Badger, who made 253 runs.

  2. Who took the only four-for? (1 run)

    Huw Davies, who took 4/7 against the Technology Partnership.

  3. Who completed seven stumpings? (1 run)

    Marcus Baker (in his first Remnants season).

  4. Who got his first ever Remnants stumping? (2 runs)

    Temoor Khan.

  5. Who, on Remnants debut, hit a six as his first scoring shot for the club and broke two bats? (2 runs)

    Saad Shoukat.

  6. Whose grey tracksuit induced comment? (2 runs)

    John Young.

    Middle order

  7. Whose (non-alcoholic) drinking habits upset the authorities at Trinity College? (2 runs)

    Russell Woolf.

  8. Whose run-up reminded one reporter of hopscotch? (2 runs)

    Naveen Chouksey.

  9. Where did we play on a ground that is larger than the MCG? (1 run)

    Churchill College.

  10. Who made a miraculous recovery from "aneurisms" to play against Fathers And Sprogs at Blockley? (2 runs)

    Phil Watson.

  11. Who had to pull out of the Remnants team for that match because they'd been selected to play against Australia? (3 runs)

    Collette Bell (although her sister, Colette, and father, Andy, both turned out).

  12. Who passed whose all-time record of Remnants appearances? (2 runs)

    Paul Jordan passed Geoff Hales's record of 402 games.


  13. Which member of the original 1980 Remnants team made an appearance as a substitute? (2 runs)

    Steve Gull.

  14. Identify both the batsman and the wicket-keeper in the above photograph (1 run + 4 runs).

    Alastair Cook is the batsman; Ed Hyde is the 'keeper.

  15. And how did the above wicket-keeper end the Remnants season? (2 runs)

    By completing several stumpings and scoring the winning runs. Bastard.

  16. Who whipped off the bails so delicately that they stayed on? (2 runs)

    Cam Petrie.

    Dave Norman, Catherine and Andy Owen, and Huw Davies admire the results of Cam's effort to shave so delicately that all his hair stayed on.

  17. Who got three wickets in an over of "hand grenades"? (2 runs)

    Richard Rex.

    Daniel Mortlock and Richard Rex disagreeing on everything except for the fact that Boris Johnson is a terrible Prime Minister and a dismal failure of a human being.

  18. Who flew in to record a golden duck? (1 run)

    Ev Fox.

  19. Who scored 150, but not for us? (2 runs)

    Olly Rex (for Romsey Town).

    22 wanted

  20. Name a "world XI" of fathers and sons (i.e., both of whom played Test cricket) to play a fathers and sprogs Remnants XI (i.e., both of whom have played for Remnants, but not Tests). (22 runs)

    Lots of options . . .

Total: 60 runs.

The run-away winners, with 45/60, were Joe White, Faruk Kara, Rob Harvey and John Young.


The Champagne Moment was almost awarded to John Young for a superb catch (against who?) but in the end went to Huw Davies for his spell of 4/7 against The Technology Partnership.

Huw Davies celebrates his Champagne Moment.

Rather harshly, the pickled egg award went to Joe White for the all too common crime of dropping an outfield catch, in his case at Grantchester.

Joe White, presumably about to spill his pickled eggs.

Other than that, it was just a case of eating, drinking and making merry.

Rob Harvey and Faruk Kara making merry.