2018 Remnants dinner

This year's Remnants annual dinner was held at the Burleigh Arms pub on Newmarket Road, on Friday, November 16. Numbers were a bit down - just twenty attendees this year - but a most enjoyable evening nonetheless.

The formalities began with the annual quiz:

(To see the answers simply highlight the region below the questions with your mouse by dragging the cursor across the screen with the left button held down.)

    Ten off the first over

  1. Who averaged 159.00 this season? (1 run)

    Dave Norman (despite not batting as well as usual)

  2. Who scored the only century? (1 run)

    Matt Samson (119 against the Academicals)

  3. Who hit a six off his second ball of the season? (1 run)

    Temoor Khan

  4. Who took the only 5-for? (1 run)

    Daniel Mortlock (5/5 against Romsey Town)

  5. Which four bowlers have previously taken 6-fors? (We all know who got 7/8.) (4 runs)

    Roger Lewis (6/19 against The Eagle in 1981), Baz Dare (6/4 against Jesus College in 1997), Tom Serby (6/15 against The Pretty Boys in 2008) and George Speller (6/0 against The Travelling Theatre in 2009)

  6. Who got the most stumpings, and how many did he complete? (2 runs)

    Ev Fox (7, just 8 games)

    Going well

  7. Who scored 15* from 5 balls, on debut, to win the match off the final delivery? (2 runs)

    Seth Aycock (against ARM)

  8. Who was called to the Palace (not the Tandoori Palace) but was not asked to form a government? (1 run)

    Daniel Mortlock

  9. Whose running between the wickets was described by one of the pair as "like an elderly married couple: bickerings and misundertandings (but we love each other really)"? (2 runs)

    Dave Williamd and Tom Serby (in the IPH game)

  10. Who informed us that "anti-climax is part of the meaning; the bathetic is not pathetic; absudity is not the absence of dignity" (and so on)? (2 runs)

    Dave Williams (in his rather flower report on the IPH game)

  11. Who stopped supplying pizza? (1 run)

    St Barnabas Church

  12. Whose run-up was said to make him "look like the love-child of a sidewinder and Antoin du Beke"? (1 run)

    Ben Stone (as, again, imagined by Dave Williams)

    14 wanted off 6

  13. Who achieved a personal best of 22 and bought a helmet? (2 runs)

    John Moore (agains ARM)

  14. Who got 53* after retiring on 25? (2 runs)

    Ben Stone (against The Technology Partnership)

  15. Who conceded 42 off 2 overs and unselfishly took himself off? (2 runs)

    Paul Jordan (against Sharks)

  16. Who thwarted his captain's attempt to get a second Remnants hat-trick? (2 runs)

    Dave Green (although said captain pretty much thwarted himself by bowling a near wide)

  17. Whose maiden half-century included a "massive" six? (4 runs)

    Sam Thomas (against Grantchester)

  18. Who lost 7 wickets for 6 runs against our mighty attack? (2 runs)

    Romsey Town

Total: 33 runs.

Huw Davies (and nearby attendees) won the quiz with 23/33, and with it got some chocolates in the shape of a London bus.

The Champagne Moment was expanded into two Champagne moments, in a nod the nominal end of austerity. The first winner was Dave Green, for denying Daniel Mortlock both a hat-trick and a third five-for (either of which would have been club records); the second was to Sam Thomas for his half-century against Grantchester (and for wearing shorts to the club dinner, for which he was awarded the Les Collings pickled egg award).

Phil Watson has his trophy back after last year, so that's not an issue we need to deal with any more. And the most-improved player award, which was to have gone to Matt Samson, was also an issue that didn't require dealing with because last year's winner, Chris Badger, couldn't find the trophy in the various boxes in his loft.