2017 Remnants dinner

This year's Remnants annual dinner was (for the fourth year running) at the Burleigh Arms pub on Newmarket Road, on Friday, November 10. We had a pretty good turn-out, with thirty-odd Remnants players, partners and supporters coming out for the evening.

Dave Norman, actually getting to enjoy drinking a beer, rather than pulling our post-match pints.

The formalities began with the annual quiz:

(To see the answers simply highlight the region below the questions with your mouse by dragging the cursor across the screen with the left button held down.)

    Numbers game

  1. Who scored the most runs this season? (1 run)

    Matt Samson (568 runs at 94.67).

    James Crozier, Matt Samson and Chris Badger: 1106 runs between them.

  2. Who took the most wickets this season? (1 run)

    Faruk Kara (28 wickets at 19.07).

  3. Who got the most dismissals (catches/stumpings)? (2 runs)

    Grant Kennedy (11 dismissals).

  4. Whose average went down to 151.00 on the last day of the season? (2 runs)

    Kshitij Sabnis (who was finally dismissed after starting his Remnants career with four "not out"s).

  5. Who got the only century? (1 run)

    Matt Samson (100* off 65 balls against the Academicals).

  6. Who scored 74 off 35 balls and took 5/17 in the same match (the best ever all-round performance for the club)? (1 run)

    Temoor Khan.

    Dave Williams and Temoor Khan listen to the speeches while Richard Rex merely attempts to do the same.


  7. Who joined the 300 games club? (1 run)

    Faruk Kara.

  8. Who joined the 300 wickets club? (1 run)

    Paul Jordan (with 309 wickets by season's end).

  9. And who are the other two members? (2 runs)

    Tony Malik (366) and Daniel Mortlock (328).

  10. Which members of the original 1980 team turned up for the "1000th" match? (4 runs)

    Geoff Hales, Anton Garrett, Steve Gull and Mike Sneyd.

  11. Whose liftime dream came true in the (actual) 1000th match? And what was it? (2 runs)

    Richard Rex who, by playing for Bar Hill "finally got to represent an out-of-town shopping centre".

    The laws

  12. Is a batsman who thin-edges into the bails and then into the 'keeper's gloves bowled or caught? (2 runs)

    Bowled (assuming the bails come off).

  13. How could a bowler get an LBW in a spell of 0/18? (2 runs)

    If Matt Samson (the bowler, in this case) manages to convince the umpire with one of his passionate but unjustified LBW appeals (which is what happened against St Barnabas this year).

    Quentin Harmer clarifies the finer points of the LBW law with Matt Samson.

    18 wanted off 7

  14. Who took 5/21 on debut? (2 runs)

    Nathan Wright (against Cambridge University Thirds).

  15. Who, other than the answers to questions 6 and 14, was the third bowler to take a five-for this season? (2 runs)

    Daniel Mortlock (5/7 against Trinity College High Table).

  16. Who scored a career-best 16* after taking 14 balls to get off the mark? (2 runs)

    Catherine Owen (against the Institute of Public Health).

    Denise and Andy Owen looking to get off the mark.

  17. Whose daughter made her debut in the "1000th" match? (4 runs)

    Quentin Harmer's daugher, Florie.

  18. Who finished on 98* and avoided the lemonade jug? (2 runs)

    Samuel Serby.

  19. Which three Remnants gave talks in the Festival Of Ideas? (3 runs)

    Richard Rex, Josh Nall and ???.

  20. Who scored high on pizzas and who failed entirely? (1 run + 2 runs)

    St Barnabas scored high by ordering pizzas to be delivered to the ground for a post-match dinner. The Red Bull (on Barton Road) once again failed to serve anyone pizza.

Total: 40 runs.

Grant Kennedy and collaborators won the quiz, and with it some nice Green & Black chocolates . . . although there was some controversy as it seemed that Naveen Chouksey and his table had gotten the same score.

The winning entry and the prize.

The Champagne Moment was awarded to Phil Watson, who stuck out a paw and held onto a sharp return catch against Grantchester in the end-of-season game on September 11. It was a great moment, although one can't help but feel that Geoff's decision to make this award was in part self-interest: Geoff had been the standing umpire, and would probably have taken the ball in the face if Phil hadn't taken it in his hand.

Phil Watson won the Les Collings pickled egg award on the grounds that he actually likes them.

Phil Watson and his pickled eggs.

John Moore finally solved the problem of the hideous Phil Watson memorial discretionary trophy by exploiting the fact that Phil was in attendance to give it back to him, with instructions that it spend the rest of its life with Phil in the West Country.

John Moore finally solves the conundrum of the Phil Watson trophy while Daniel Mortlock looks on and imagines all the ways it could come back . . .

Geoff Hales congratulates John Moore on his coup.

Despite his best efforts, Grant Kennedy was unable to win the "most improved player of the year" award for a third year running, and it instead went to Chris Badger, who managed 317 points from his 6 games (up from 30 points from 2 games in 2016), his improvement of 287 points just pipping Faruk Kara with 286 . . . although if one of three dropped catches in the last game of the season had been held then the award would have gone to Faruk.

Grant Kennedy hands over the "most improved player" award to Chris Badger.

What it felt like catching the last train back to London.