2016 Remnants dinner

This year's Remnants annual dinner was, once again, at the Burleigh Arms pub on Newmarket Road, on Friday, November 18. We had a pretty good turn-out, with twenty-somethings Remnants players, partners and supporters coming out for the evening.

Geoff Hales, Sally Hales and Richard Rex enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

The formalities began with the annual quiz:

(To see the answers simply highlight the region below the questions with your mouse by dragging the cursor across the screen with the left button held down.)

    Run makers

  1. Who scored the first fifty of the season? (1 run)

    Grant Kennedy (no surprise, since he score most of our fifites).

  2. Whose "extravagant straight drive to deep third man" was praised in the match report? (2 runs)

    Julius Rix.

  3. Who hit 7 sixes and 15 fours in an innings of 116*? (1 run)

    Ferdi Rex.

    Dave Williams, Daniel Mortlock, Andrew Granville, Tom Serby and Alec Armstrong try and count up all Ferdi's boundaries.

  4. Whose 20-over record of 111 did he break? (2 runs)

    Dave Norman's.

  5. Whose record for the highest-ever Remnants score is he still to break? (1 run)

    Tony Malik's 142.

  6. Who scored all the runs during his stay at the wicket, and how many were put on? (2 runs)

    Dave Green.


  7. Who got the first three-for of the season? (2 runs)

    Dave Norman (3/5 againts Trinity College JCR).

  8. Who bowled Dave Norman with "a perfect leggie" while wearing a yellow hoodie and maroon beanie with pompom? (2 runs)

    Shoaib Shahid.

  9. Whose over (vs. ARM) began with a six and ended with 3/8? (2 runs)

    John Moore's.

  10. Who had equalled his last season's haul of wickets by early May? (2 runs)

    Naveen Chouksey.

    Eli Ellwood and Naveen Chouksey.

  11. Who became the fourth member of the Remnants 200-wicket club? (2 runs)

    Faruk Kara.

  12. Which regular bowler opened the batting in a 9-wicket win? (2 runs)

    Alec Armstrong.

    Getting personal

  13. Who was described in the match report as "The Remnants' very own Gandalf of seam"? (2 runs)

    Paul Jordan.

  14. Who was told in the pub before the game that he had "a lovely smile"? (4 runs)

    Daniel Mortlock.

  15. Whose run-up incorporated a pirouette? (1 run)

    Andy Owen's.

  16. Who was taken off for criticising the captain's haircut? (4 runs)

    Quentin Harmer.

  17. Who said he got a bowl only because the captain was supporting Help The Aged? (2 runs)

    Dave Williams.

  18. Who took a catch he is alleged to have known nothing about? (2 runs)

    Paul Jordan.

    Remarkable or what?

  19. What happened for only the third time in 37 seasons, and who did it? (3 runs)

    We lost by ten wickets, this time to Fen Ditton.

  20. Who were dismissed for their lowest ever total and what was it? (2 runs)

    The Philanderers, who were bowled out for 56.

  21. Whose career included spells of 6/4 and 4/5 and has a strike-rate of a wicket every 14.38 balls? (3 runs)

    Barry "Baz" Dare, who died earlier this year.

  22. Who has now bowled 13 eight-ball maidens? (2 runs)

    Joe White.

  23. Who equalled his own record of four stumpings in an innings? (2 runs)

    Ev Fox.

  24. Whose shin went "from pink to purple to black, like the western sky" after a foozled piece of backing-up? (2 runs)

    Geoff Hales.

Total: 50 runs.

John Young and collaborators won the quiz with a score that, rather unusually for Remnants, is lost to history.

John Young and Richard Rex with the spoils of their superior knowledge of the sesaon.

The Champagne Moment was awarded to Phil Watson, who stuck out a paw and held onto a sharp return catch against Grantchester in the end-of-season game on September 11. It was a great moment, although one can't help but feel that Geoff's decision to make this award was in part self-interest: Geoff had been the standing umpire, and would probably have taken the ball in the face if Phil hadn't taken it in his hand.

Phil Watson and his Champagne.

Denise Owen and Phil Watson.

There were two recipients of the Les Collings pickled egg award: Richard Rex; and Andy Owen.

Richard Rex receives a box of pickled eggs from President Hales.

Andy Owen looks bemused at his pickled eggs.

The Phil Watson memorial discretionary trophy was originally headed towards Richard Rex, but this option was rejected on the grounds that he'd already won it previously, so in the end it went to John Moore.

The thing.

John Moore tries to work out what to do with it.

Finally, Grant Kennedy won the "most improved player of the year" for the second year running, a fact that seemed so unsurprising that nobody actually remembered to re-present him with his own trophy.

Grant Kennedy tries to convince John Moore, Phil Watson and Andy Owen that he should get to keep the "most improved player" award in perpetuity.

Daniel Mortlock tries to convince Phil Watson and Andy Owen to give him one of their trophies.