Remnants vs. The Technology Partnership

18:00, Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Fitzwilliam College

Match cancelled.

This morning the main threat to today's game appeared to be the weather forecast, which was for intermittent rain from noon onwards. But then a new risk appeared in the form of an e-mail from TTP saying that they only had eight players. Their efforts at increasing this to eleven somehow had the opposite effect, and at 4:30pm a second e-mail arrived saying this number had gone down to six, and that some of those were "snowed under with work".

We probably should have given up at this point, but one last shot was a Remnants-wide message with the subject line "Remnants vs. TTP today: *PROBABLY* CANCELLED". This didn't yield much of a response, other than the comment that it was hailing in Cambridge, so it was soon followed with the more disappointing, if also more decisive, subject "Remnants vs. TTP: MATCH CANCELLED".

There was the mild compensation that the weather was a bit shitty - not quite as bad as missing out on cricket on a glorious day - but even that blanket of comfort was ripped from us when the sun burst through the clouds just as we should have been bowling (or facing) the first ball of the game, and shone resolutely on Cambridge until sunset.