Remnants vs. Redgate Software

18:00, Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Fitzwilliam College

Remnants (137/6 in 15 8-ball overs)
Redgate Software (137/8 in 15 8-ball overs)

People playing cricket.

Report by Tom Serby:

Redgate tied their debut game against Remnants; although for most of their innings it had looked as though batting second and chasing a total of 137 they would fall some way short. Their number three, appropriately bedecked in a Superman t-shirt, engineered a recovery from 0/2, with a series of bottom-handed slogs that demanded a straight full ball, which only arrived courtesy of Alec Armstrong (2/34) when said batsman had already posted 67, the innings of the day.

For Remnants Joe White excelled with both bat (38* off 30 balls) and ball (2/12), plucking out a stump in his first over and pushing Remnants' total to a respectable size with a flurry of late boundaries. Other contributors with the bat were Andy Bell (20 off 19 balls) and Julius Rix (47 off 42 balls).

A tie is of course always exciting, but this one was made more so by a disagreement between the scorers and the umpires [one from each team - ed.] over whether the last over was one ball short, giving rise to an eccentric post match post mortem.

Julius Rix and Joe White provide Atta Rehman with child-minding help.

Josh Nall and Chris Martin contemplate a conscious uncoupling.