Remnants vs. A Charities XI

18:00, Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Fitzwilliam College

A Charities XI (144/3 in 22 6-ball overs)
Remnants (97 all-out in 21.2 6-ball overs)
by 47 runs.

Another loss to finish off an almost win-less June, but at least this one was in a good cause, a total of £180.00 being raised (from match-fees and a BBQ) for the British Heart Foundation.

Charities XI Andy Owen calls up his bookie to get the latest odds, while Remnants captain Paul Jordan struggles to operate his shoe-phone.

Tony Malik playing in his first Remnants game (if not actually playing for Remnants) since 2009.

In the first innings there was some great hitting by Julius Rix (33 off 33 balls), Andy Bell (49 off 50 balls) and Tony Malik (33* off 39 balls); the only problem was, as is so often the case, they were playing for the opposition. The stand-out performances for actual Remnants weren't so, er, stand out: only Russell Woolf (1/14) and John Moore (2/31) took wickets; and only Samuel Serby (with a catch and a stumping) made any dismissals. The real problem seems to have been dropped catches: Dave Green reckoned that "Andy Bell was dropped four or more times" and that "there were other drops in the innings".

Julius Rix inadvertantly reveals why his fiance is so happy.

False perspective?

Still, a target of 144 in 22 overs was only just above par, so there was some hope . . . until some other turncoat Remnants started taking wickets as well, Eli Ellwood (1/19), Catherine Owen (2/13), Dave Norman (2/17) and Andy Owen (2/1) all having a great time of it. Added to the good bowling, Dave also reported that "the Charities XI took most of the catches offered", with Eli "taking a stormer in the gully - full dive, taken inches of the ground". (Not bad for a man who's been missing games with a dislocated thumb!) None of our batsmen really got going at all: Olly Rex (8 off 6 balls) was the only batsman to score at more than a run a ball, and while Mana Pandurangan (20 off 26 balls), Shyam Perisetla (18 off 24 balls), Tom Serby (11 off 18 balls), Richard Rex (11 off 20 balls) and Samuel Serby (10 off 12 balls) all made it into double figures, none of them really got going, as best evidenced that we only managed nine boundaries all innings.

The spectators can barely contain their boredom.

A fielder can barely containing his boredom.

Whatever happened to walking in with the bowler?

Finally, some action!

The joy of being dismissed.

Mr Pink, Mr Blue, Mr White, Mr Brown and Mr Yellow: "Let's go to work."

It's now been four weeks since our last win, although our season started so we're still breaking even at the half-way point of the season, with 6 wins, 1 tie and 6 losses from our 13 non-internal games.

Where the Child Protection Officer when you need him?

Rog Shelley mans the BBQ while Mana Pandurangan and Paul Jordan discuss menu options.

Samuel Serby's first counting lesson.

Geoff Hales drowns his sorrows.