Remnants vs. The St Radegund

18:00, Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Fitzwilliam College

Remnants (127/5 in 20 6-ball overs)
lost to
The St Radegund (130/2 in 16.1 6-ball overs)
by 8 wickets.

Dave Williams filed this report:

Pitch battle.

True to precedent, the St Radegund turned up with players somewhat (metaphorically) larger-than-life: Beard (a person) brought Firkin (a barrel of beer) while wearing Jacket (an item of clothing in eye-searing orange/red/black stripes that made a roadbuilder's HV gear look positively tasteful). Even in the modest context of Cambridge evening cricket, beer-drinking (as Dave's drinks machine says about Lucozade) "before, during and after sport" isn't usually associated with sporting success.

Andy Owen, Andy Bell and the third finalist for "rear of the year".

Maybe out of complacency - following our massive victory in 2006 - Andy Owen seemed to go against his usual preference and decided to bat. Against his usual custom too, he opened with Nick. Against expectations, too, the St Radegund bowling was tight, with a packed ring of fielders saving ones. Andy and Nick were in subdued mood against cloud conditions offering substantial swing. The first 9 (six-ball) overs went for 44, although Nick had long gone for 6 (off 9 balls), followed by a first-baller for Andy Bell. Dave Green was the surprise package at number four, carving and wafting with a sideways Dilshan scoop action for a thoroughly enjoyable 18 (off 22 balls). I came in at 69/3 and contributed 18 (off 22 balls) in a partnership of 49 before getting run out off a ball I hit twice (second time was off the back of the bat, and behind my back, having been called for a run by Andy). Previously a Radegund change bowler had delivered eight successive beamers, which had induced me to kick the ball away in petulance. His apology to me as I left the field was thoughtful if not well-timed - yours truly threw a full selection of toys out of the pram at any- and every-one who was interested. Luckily, not many were. Andy had shown the way to deal with the beamers by smashing them to the square leg boundary, but shortly perished for a fine 65 (off 57 balls). At the death John Young made stately progress to 3 (off 10 balls). 127/5 off our 20 overs was hardly earth-shattering, but was it enough?

Eli Ellwood, Joe White, Nick Clarke, Denise Owen and Geoff Hales watch the score mount up . . . sort of.

Joe White opened with his usual fire, reaching the kind of pace we rarely see from our opposition. But it was hard to see fear in the body language of the Radegund batters. They played and missed at a few, but the full ones were driven through cover, and short ones carved through third man during Joe's unusually (for him) profligate four overs for 18 (one maiden). Andy chopped and changed after one over from Russell Woolf went for a comfortable 10 (two overs for 27 eventually). Atta Rehman was tidy for his two overs for 11, and Mihir got some well-deserved respect for his fizzing leg breaks (3.1 overs for 27), but there were no chances and the ball didn't beat the bat. Eli Ellwood came on after Joe finished his spell, and took a truly amazing caught and bowled - a straight drive hammered out of the middle of the bat. Definitely candidate for the season's champagne moment. The new left-hand bat quickly settled in and elegantly stroked the ball to all corners, messing up Eli's figures (3 overs, 1/24). The opener Lewis was by this time firing big shots all round the ground, bringing on the captain's last-chance-saloon Steven Sondheim Bring in the Clowns moment, viz. moi. There was a whole lot of hoiking going on, and poor old Eli bravely stuck his thumb in the way of a cleanly struck six. Iron-man Eli, crouched over looking at his hand and wrestling it with his other, coolly shouted out "I've dislocated my thumb . . . oh, it's all right, I've put it back!" - thus guaranteeing a place in Geoff's quiz at the annual dinner and the annals of Remnants bravery. The comedy moment in my second over (2 overs for 18): a big heave to Mihir at long on, dropped, hurled back, and the batter - scampering for the winning run - getting run out. Mihir brought proceedings to an end next over with a single ball smeared for four, with a whisker short of four overs remaining. A comprehensive drubbing.

The scoreboard at the bitter end.

An impressive attendance from St Radegund afterwards for drinks, with much damage done to Firkin, plus graceful acceptance of apologies from me for childish bad temper. Cameo: friendly chat with one Radegundian puffing at dark shag in a Meerschaum and another sniffing snuff. The crack was good.

Eli Ellwood tries but fails to be taken seriously.