Remnants vs. The Woozlers

17:45, Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Fitzwilliam College

The Woozlers (158/3 in 15 8-ball overs)
Remnants (129/5 in 15 8-ball overs)
by 29 runs.

The new-fangled orange ball, as used in some early-season Remnants games.

Tom Serby reports:

Woozlers batted first and Eli Elwood (1/15) and Naveen Chouksey (0/15) kept control on the scoring rate in the opening overs, Eli picking up an early wicket thanks to a good catch behind the stumps by Tom Collett.

John Gull's cricket fashion fail.

This proved a mixed blessing though as the Woozlers' batting strength looked to lie in their middle order; the fall of the third (and last) wicket being most fatal to Remnants' chances in the match as Sam Grimshaw (63*) proved particularly dangerous with licence to attack with only half the innings left. Also threatening various rooves around the ground was Ryan Bridger (42) who was bowled eventually by David Williams (2/43). Paul Jordan juggled his bowlers, none of whom now seemed keen to catch the skipper's eye (save for Dave basking in his new status as the season's leading wicket taker, finding it difficult to fathom how he could have been overlooked for so many years). Paul (0/36), Richard Rex (0/12) and Kirin Sakhamuri (0/30) were the other casualties in the Remnants' bowling figures. Amidst the carnage Sam in a slightly unempathetic fashion bridled that "it wasn't cricket" to have only two fielders in the ring, bringing about an all run four.

An unknown Remnant bowling; an unknown Woozler umpiring; Paul Jordan at gully; Tom Collett behind the stumps; Ryan Bridger (in Canadian mountie hat?) batting; Mihir Chandraker backing up.

Remnants' pursuit of 158 started well and momentarily it seemed we might have a close match as Tom Serby (36) and David Williams (27) had the home team placed handily at 42/0 after 4 eight-ball overs; but just as when they batted it was Woozlers' second wave of attack, this time bowlers Mihir Chandrekar (playing this evening against rather than for Remnants) and Ryan, who made the difference. John Gull curiously opting for white short shorts and a T-shirt look (complementing his yellow trainers and tie off the field) stood out sartorially but not with the bat, not "troubling the scorers" tonight. Kirin (35) played aggressively and ran hard and was well supported by Richard Rex (14). John Young (1*) declined the chance to throw his wicket away in a lost cause and elected to play the last over with a textbook leave or two, Remnants closing on 129/5.

Tom Serby (in pith helmet?) takes strike.

Richard Rex goes the tonk.

Rakesh Chandraker records the score, at which neither Naveen Choukey nor Tom Collett can bear to look.

Geoff Hales, captain Paul Jordan, Eli Ellwood and Dave Norman watch the match slip away.