2012 Remnants annual dinner

The Watson Discretionary Trophy.

This year's Remnants annual dinner was held on the evening of Friday, November 16, at the St John's Chop House (across the road from the Punter, where we had our pre-dinner drinks). There was a superb turn-out of 25 Remnants (and partners) and the venue was nice and cosy as well.

Tom Collett, Joe White, Elaine Moore and Daniel Mortlock get into the mood.

Sally Hales puts up with "boy talk" from John Young and Dave Williams.

The formalities were, as ever, presided over by Geoff Hales, once again the obvious star of the show in his Remnants blazer. First order of business was the quiz:

Geoff Hales has nothing to declare but his genius.

Remnants quiz 2012

(To see the answers simply highlight the region below the questions with your mouse by dragging the cursor across the screen with the left button held down.)


  1. Who made 96 off only 59 balls?

    John Richer

  2. Who would have opened, but couldn't find his box?

    Andy Bell

  3. Who took the captain's advice to play himself in and got a first-baller?

    Julius Rix

  4. Who hit three fours and a six to win a match in the last over?

    Kiran Sakhamuri

  5. Which pair scrambled two off the last ball to tie at St John's?

    Andy Owen and John Young

  6. Who was yorked on 75 by a second bounce?

    Ev Fox


  7. Who "varied his pace from slow to extra-slow, bamboozling batsmen into playing two or three shots"?

    Rob Harvey

  8. Who became the second Remnant to take 250 wickets for the club?

    Paul Jordan

  9. Who bowled his dad?

    Mihir Chandraker

  10. Who got a wicket with his first ball for Remnants?

    Atta Rehman

  11. Which occasional bowler's "lovely controlled slow bowling" got him 2/8?

    Dave Green

  12. Which bowler waited 'til July to take his sweater (off)?

    Daniel Mortlock


  13. Who "mounted a multi-part attack on the stumps"?

    Rob Harvey

  14. Who "saved the day with a spectacular diving stump-mangling"?

    Ev Fox

  15. Who got the most stumpings, and how many?

    Samuel Serby

    Rob Harvey and Tom Serby.

  16. Who got a smack on the nose?

    Nick Clarke, 'keeping for the County Council


  17. Who failed twice to get over the wall to play us?

    Littlehey Prison

  18. Who insisted on retiring their batsmen at 50 . . . and were then all out for 56?

    Fen Ditton

  19. Who set us exactly 14 to win?

    Hockerill College

  20. Which exiled Remnant got 46 off 22 balls against us?

    George Speller

    From our cricket correspondent . . .

  21. Who described whom as having "a charming, disarming but in some ways alarming tendency to walk"?

    Richard Rex wrote that about John Richer.

  22. Who described whom as "rising like a wild Alaskan salmon in the mating season to take an absolute ripper"?

    Jeff Beaumont wrote that about Geoff Hales.

Despite two points being available for every question, the highest score was just 27/44 - this was achieved by Dave Green (with help from Dave Norman and Andy Owen), who was hence presented with two small bottles of wine that appeared to have been purloined from an international flight.

The throng.

Dave Norman reacts to the news that he almost won the Champagne Moment award.

Geoff then moved on present the Champagne Moment Award. Candidates included Dave Norman (for averaging 167.00 with the bat and for preparing such good pitches in awful conditions) and John Richer (for his above-mentioned 96), but in the end it was Dave Green who got the nod for his spell of 2/8 against Hockerill College. Dave thus got still more alcohol . . .

. . . which is far preferable to the award of pickled eggs which, with Les called away at the last minute, went to Rob Harvey for his enthusiasm during the year. This theme was then picked up on by John Richer, who got rid of the horrid Watson Memorial Thing by also awarding it to Rob, in this case for having played the most games during the season (17), as well as having completed the most dismissals (8 catches and 3 stumpings).

John Richer fondles his trophy for the last time . . .

. . . as he passes it onto a bemused Rob Harvey.


Faruk Kara did rather well for himself . . .