Remnants vs. Tektronix

18:00, Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Fitzwilliam College

Remnants (102/5 in 20 6-ball overs)
lost to
Tektronix (103/3 in 17.0 6-ball overs)
by 7 wickets.

No report for today's match, but John Richer did manage to keep the Twitter-verse up-to-date with events:

1745 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Remnants upgrades to Web 2.0 with its first live coverage on twitter #21stcenturycricket

1750 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Heavy rain at the ground, looking doubtful for the game against @TektronixCricket but come along just in case #coverson #lovelybritishsummer @nottherealstephenfry Any chance of a RT?

1752 Stephen @nottherealstephenfry @remnantscricket Of course happy to oblige. Anything for the glorious game. Fenners is it? #goremnants

1753 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Heavy rain at Oxford Road, looking doubtful for the game against @TektronixCricket but come along just in case #coverson #lovelybritishsummer @nottherealstephenfry Any chance of a RT? Retweeted by Stephen

@nottherealstephenfry is now following @remanantscricket

1815 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket It's gloriously sunny! Get on down to Oxford Road. The covers are coming off and the ground is looking lovely.

1818 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket The groundsman has given the go ahead. Remnants elect to bat first. #gameon

1819 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Paul J captaining the team tonight #leadershipmaterial

1820 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Opening pair of @RicherYetPoorer and Serby Senior stride out. Richer the man in form averaging 96 this season. #confident

1821 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket WTF @RicherYetPoorer back in the pavilion for a first ball duck. Leg side, wide, faint edge #walked #badstart #schoolboyerror John Moore next up.

1825 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Serby Senior in robust form but bowling tight. Runs hard to come by. #playitwithastraightbat #tightbowling

1840 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Lovely pull/hook from surprised John Moore, drops in the gap #tonkitboys

1845 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket John Moore bowled for a few (four) by Few. Next up @OliRexStudent #youthpolicy.

1855 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Serby Senior and @OliRexStudent giving it some orthodox welly. #liquidcricket

1900 Yorkshire Pundit @nonesensepunditry Cricket is all about parternships. #buildaninnings #stickofrhubarb

1900 Yorkshire Pundit @nonesensepunditry @Texktronix opening bowler doesn't look so quick but bowls a heavy ball #dodgyphysics

1855 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Some nice shots from Oli and Serby Sr, but Rex jr misses one, bowled for 16. Phil Hastings next up. #nomomentum

1905 Stephanie Hawking @hawkingphysics Yes @nonesensepunditry at that speed I estimate a 500 femtogram increase in mass due to relativistic effects. #geeksforever

1910 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Phil Hastings departs for an elegant if brief 4 bowled through the gate. Rex Snr @tudorhistoriansdoitwithwillow up next #frontfootforward

1915 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Serby Sr and Rex Sr building a nice #partnership. A lot of ones twos and threes to run due to the slow outfield #settinganexampletothechildren #knackered

1920 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Serby Sr bowled for excellent 41, bringing @therealfaruk to the crease. #TONKITBOYS

1930 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Innings closes on 103 for 5, 19* for @tudorhistoriansdoitwithwillow and 11* for @therealfaruk #notenoughrunsprobably

1900 Yorkshire Pundit @nonesensepunditry A real lesson there to the younger generation. Beautiful batting but not as good as me. #howdoigetpaidforthistripe

1905 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Remnants open bowling with @OliRexHistorian and Attur Rehmann #paceandbounce

1915 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Good bowling but @texktronixcricket making light work of the total, openers retire on 25 #itsnotcricket #cruising

1935 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Athletic contributions behind the stumps from Serby Jnr #showthemhowitsdone #youthpolicy

1935 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket @texktronixcricket no. 3 in a hurry Usman hits 13 from 4 balls but bowled by Hastings #notenoughruns #inevitableoutcome

1945 Bumbling Cricket @nottherealdavidlloyd It's all happening down at Oxford Road #startthecar

2000 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Game dying a death as @tektronixcricket make steady progress to low total #notenoughruns #funnyoldgame

2020 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket One run to win off 18 balls, and on comes Matt Hughes @underwaterman for a spell to work some magic #miraclesdohappen

2030 Remnants Cricket Club @remnantscricket Big leg side wide first ball. #butnottonight #gameover #notenoughruns #gamebookendedbypoorcricket Tek win by 7 wickets with 3 overs to spare. Thanks for following. #thedeathoflanguage.