Remnants vs. Cambridge Granta

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Fitzwilliam College

Cambridge Granta (49/1 in 6 8-ball overs)

Report by Daniel Mortlock:

Given that we managed an upset win against Granta back in June, it was no surprise that they'd fielded a seriously strong team against us today. According to Dave Norman - who'd been co-opted in himself - "everyone was thirds or better", which didn't auger well. But whilst we couldn't boast any East Anglia Premier League regulars, we did have one of the strongest Remnants sides on record, with maybe nine or ten genuine top order batsmen and six or seven regular bowlers. All in all that meant things were perfectly set up for the highest standard match of the season . . .

. . . which made it all the more unfortunate that the game was ended prematurely by rain after just 6 (eight-ball) overs. That said, not too much noteworthy had happened in the one sixth of the match we'd got to play, with the exception of George Speller's opening spell of 1/19. Despite being injured, he troubled all the batsmen he bowled at, and might have had a hat-trick if our behind-the-wicket fielders had held onto a couple of very sharp edges (that they did well just to get their hands to). The one wicket came when Daniel Mortlock shook off last week's catching blues to hold onto the most absurdly vertical top-edge in living memory, although we also saw the back of the other opener after we'd fed him enough short balls for him to make it to Granta's self-imposed retirement score of 30.

It was at this point that Fitz was drowned in a fifteen-minute deluge of almost biblical proportions. We all cowered under the pavilion roof until the rain abated, after which it was actually quite nice sitting outside, drinking our unearned beers as the feeble sunlight glittered in the puddles.