Remnants vs. Cambridge Granta

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Queens' College

Match cancelled.

All good things must pass, and that includes the season's incredible run of 23 consecutive Remnants games which have been played to a conclusion. Incessant overnight rain, combined with the promise of more on the day, led to a 9am cancellation, finally giving us a chance to grumble about the weather.

It also robbed us of the chance to get revenge against Granta for thrashing us a month ago. Whilst they would no doubt have had a strong team, we had a monster line-up as well, replete with most of the season's form batsmen, a goodly number of bowlers, and a grand total of four wicket-keepers. Either way, it means our season's ledger remains in the black: the 22 external games we have played have now yielded 11 wins, 1 tie and 10 losses.