Remnants vs. Fen Ditton

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Fitzwilliam College

Match cancelled.

With Ev (Fox, BBC weatherman and Remnants wicket-keeper, for those new to the club) still away in Doha we've had to resort to more primative forecasting methods.

The rain that ruined Monday's six-a-side tournament also deprived us of yesterday's game against The Woozlers, and so it was refreshing that today's game was cancelled as a result of some entirely different rain overnight. Interestingly, the rain stopped right about the time that estwhile Remnants captain Phil Watson left Cambridge this morning and, even more intriguingly, started on Sunday about the time he arrived . . .

The rainfall in Cambridge for the month of May, as recorded at the Cambridge Weather site. Phil Watson was physically present in Cambridge from Sunday, May 25 until Wednesday, May 28, inclusive. You may draw your own conclusions.