Six-a-side tournament

Monday, May 26, 2008
Fitzwilliam College


Despite the best efforts of all concerned, rain won today's charity six-a-side tournament, with play abandoned after just five matches when the ground became too wet even for ``hit and giggle'' cricket. The tournament will be finished from 5pm on the evening of Wednesday, August 20, but for the moment everyone will have to be content with a rather sodden half-day of slipping about on an increasingly muddy Fitzwilliam pitch. Defending champions Romsey Town, previous winners Cambridge Granta and NCI, and Remnants and the St Radegund all got a couple of games in, and there were even a few comedy highlights to be had, most notably the valiant attempt of the Granta batsmen to run what would have been the record-breaking seventh bye off the final ball of one innings.

The results of the completed matches were:

  1. NCI 54 all out (1 point) lost to Cambridge Granta 63/2 (5 points) by 3 wickets.
  2. The St Radegund 41 all out (1 point) lost to Remnants 42/1 (5 points) by 4 wickets.
  3. NCI 74/3 (5 points) defeated Romsey Town 62/1 (1 point) by 12 runs.
  4. Cambridge Granta 86/3 (5 points) defeated Remnants 65/4 (1 point) by 21 runs.
  5. The St Radegund 57/2 (1 point) lost to Romsey Town 58/1 (5 points) by 4 wickets

That leaves the following games to be be played from 5pm on Wednesday, August 20:

  1. NCI vs. The St Radegund
  2. NCI vs. Remnants
  3. Cambridge Granta vs. Romsey Town
  4. Remnants vs. Romsey Town
  5. Cambridge Granta vs. The St Radegund

  6. the final

The two finalists will be determined by the points scheme of 1 for a loss, 3 for a tie and 5 for a win (I think); the current standings are:

Team Played Won Tied Lost Points
Cambridge Granta 2 2 0 0 10
NCI 2 1 0 1 6
Remnants 2 1 0 1 6
Romsey Town 2 1 0 1 6
The St Radegund 2 0 0 2 2

More importantly, the charity aspect of the day was a great success even despite the shortened programme and low numbers, with the BBQ, bar, raffle and match fees combining to see GBP 340.00 raised for MacMillan Cancer Support and Diabetes UK Huntingdonshire.

The tournament was only possible due to the heroic efforts of Andy and Denise Owen, along with Dave Norman, Roger Shelley and Malcolm Creek, Stumps & Studs, Hilary's Wholesale, Andrew Northrop Butchers V.B. Trophies, Hobbs Sports, Green's Health And Fitness, David & Rachel Hair, Mickey Flynn's American Pool Hall, Yasrab Newsagent, Halls Of Cambridge, Kailash, Cutlacks, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Cambridge Building Society, and all the participating teams and their supporters.