Remnants vs. The Beehive

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Fitzwilliam College

Remnants (129/5 in 15 8-ball overs)
lost to
The Beehive (130/1 in 14.2 8-ball overs)
by 9 wickets.

Remnants was led today by our third captain in as many matches, new club vice-captain Joe White taking charge of the team on-field for first time. It was also the first Remnants game for Rob Harvey's son, Joe, and although he didn't have that much to do today, hopefully he'll at least have had bragging rights at school with tales of playing real men's cricket.

New Remnants vice-captain Joe White, leading by example.

New Remnants player Joe Harvey: ``Oi, Baldy, you can put that bloody camera away or I'll fuckin 'ave you.''

Or at least Remnants cricket, which is somehow a sub-variety all of its own. Just as in last night's game against Churchill it was another old-style Remnants innings, with all the batsmen contributing tens and twenties, but none dominating. Without the benefit of a crazy 28-run first over we were a bit slow to get going, being just 33/1 after 5 (eight-ball) overs, but after that we accelerated nicely as Nick Clarke (9), Chris McNeill (22), Ben Armitage (17), Joe White (23) and Mike Sneyd (30) all made useful contributions, while Rupert Brown (11*) and Lindsay Blickem (2*) presumably would have but for the overs running out. Mike's contribution was not only the greatest numerically, but also the most dramatic, including two fantastic straight drives that wound the clock back to his glory days in the eighties, as well a disputed edge to the 'keeper which the batsman didn't feel and which the umpire didn't hear, but which had most of The Beehive's fielders convinced to the point of apoplexy. Absurdly, there was almost the chance of being able to refer the decision to the video replay, Dave Green having brought along his new-fangled HandyCam, but sadly he wasn't recording at the critical moment.

Jim Higginson, all dressed up and no place to go (at least in the sense he didn't get a bat).

Rupert Brown let's Rob Harvey know who's batting next, while Ben Armitage prepares to separate them if things get nasty.

We ended up with a pretty healthy total of 129 to defend and, after Rupert Brown (0/11) and Chris McNeill (0/19) had completed their economical spells, The Beehive found themselves needing to score at almost 10 an over. Sadly, however, that's just a smidge slower than they actually scored for the rest of their innings, with some loose bowling being unceremoniously slaughtered. Colin Anderson (1/30) got the only wicket to fall, and Joe White (0/6) led by example, but it was all a bit too late, and The Beehive's surviving opener, who finished on 74*, hit the winning runs with 6 balls remaining and 9 wickets in hand.

Remnants veterans Nick Clarke (111 games for the club) and Colin Anderson (127 games for the club) don't seem overly bothered by our loss.