Remnants vs. Travelling Theatre XI

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Fitzwilliam College

Travelling Theatre XI (130/2 in 14 8-ball overs)
Remnants (124/6 in 14 8-ball overs)
by 8 runs.

Details are sketchy at present, but unconfirmable reports are coming in of a bloodless coup at Fitzwilliam College, with the Remnants regime defeated by a group of defectors who have become known as "The Travelling Theatre" Their self-appointed leader, Dr. Geoffrey Hales of Brampton Road, Cambridge, Cambridge, has issued a brief statement describing the incident.

War is declared: Russell Woolf and Geoff Hales walk away from the negotiating table and set about leading their teams into battle.

The rout was led by the traitors John Gull (72* off 52 balls) and Mike Sneyd (49 off 57 balls) who, between them, put on a 121-run opening partnership that was only broken by Adrian Mellish (2/19) in the final over of the innings. The most dramatic contribution was, inevitably, that of Gull, who was injured on the field of battle when he sprained his ankle going for a second run. After much "leaping and wailing" he contined with the aid of a runner, eventually self-diagnosing himself as having a broken bone on the basis of information obtained from a medical web-site. During this period Remnants failed to respond to the Theatre's challenge, fielding "disgracefully" and dropping Sneyd "five times" before finally halting his charge one short of a half-century.

John Gull and Mike Sneyd celebrate their 121-run partnership (in stark contrast to their current partnership on the club's front page).

Tending the scoreboard is thirsty work: Mellishes Adrian and Nicky rehydrate before putting up another run.

The Remnants chase started well enough, with Jon Steele (20 off 22 balls) and Tom Serby (22* off 25 balls) playing good supporting roles while Mike Jones (49 off 57 balls) picked up where he left off against The Computer Laboratory back in June. Between the three of them they took Remnants to 107/2 after 12 (eight-ball) overs, which meant we needed 24 runs from the final 16 balls.

The Remnants chase going very well indeed as, from left, Tom Serby, Russell Woolf, Kiran Sakhamuri, Adrian Mellish, Deepark Gajjala, Nicky Mellish and, er, someone else look on in awe . . . or boredom.

The Travelling Theatre were probably marginal favourites at this stage, an impression that was rapidly confirmed as Remnants lost 4/17 in the final two overs, John Picton (1/22), Oliver Waterfall (2/15) and Joe Harvey (1/15) combining to keep their own club at bay.

Mikes Sneyd and Jones: 98 runs between them today and not a single half-century to show for it.