The 2007 season

After more losses than victories in 2006 (only the third time that's happened in the club's history), Remnants came back strongly in 2007, winning twice as many matches as we lost. The main reason for this was our bowling: the averages reveal a dozen different bowlers either averaging less than 15.00 or with economy rates below 5.00 (or, in several cases, both). Bryan Lea topped the former list with 8 wickets at 9.12, but Joe White's performance of conceding just 3.16 runs an over was probably an even more outstanding achievement. Neither could claim the year's best bowling performance, however: that was between Alec Armstrong's 5/26 against The CB XI and Mike Jones's 4/17 in his only match of the season, which duly won him The Champagne Moment Award at the annual dinner. On the batting front Joe was once again prominent, with 171 runs at 42.75, but not even he could match Dave Williams, who smacked 383 runs at 54.71, including a mid-season sequence in which he scored 231 runs off 184 balls without being dismissed. This sequence included three of the club's top five scores for the year; the other two were one-man demolition jobs by Nick Clarke, with 78 off 49 balls in our thrashing of The Philanderers, and Joe White (yet again), with 80* off just 45 balls in a seven-a-side internal game. We were playing such an absurd form of cricket due to the season's thematic low-light: cancelled fixtures. It was bad enough losing 8 games to rain, but we also had four (well, really three, but The Cavendish managed a repeat) different teams cancel on us for a variety of unimpressive reasons, and on this wettest of summers there was something particularly maddening about sitting at home watching Hollyoaks on a perfect cricket evening. In summary, we didn't get to play that much cricket in 2007, but when we did get to play, we did it rather well.