2005 photographs


slide show of 2005 Remnants photographs

(The space above should be filled with a succession of small images from the 2005 season. This bit of web-wizardry was written by Dave Green -- many thanks.)

2005 team photograph

team photograph

Fitzwilliam Cricket Ground, July 20, 2005

Back row: Paul Dawson, John Young, Robin Woolley, Andy Owen, Phil Watson, Andrew Lea, Anton Garrett, Daniel Mortlock.

Middle row: Geoff Hales, Ev Fox, Joe White, John Young(er), Pete Warner, Les Collings, Nick Clarke, Sam Dolan, John Richer, Sally Hales.

Front row: Ollie Clarke, Chris Woolley, Dave Green, Chris McNeill, Bryan Lea, Tony Malik, Julius Rix, Faruk Kara, John Gull.