Remnants vs. Remnants

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Fitzwilliam College

Match cancelled.

A rainbow.

Well, at least there's a crock of something at the end of the rainbow . . .

When I decided to spend this week in Paris my only regret was that I would be missing out on the annual Remnants vs. Remnants game. I was all ready to be envious of those 22 lucky souls who got try their luck against their clubmates, but got back from France to find that we'd all missed out, and so I was immeidately delighted with my choice of holiday week.

Not that all was lost -- we still had a whole lot of beer and meat to dispose of, and so a reasonably good time was had by all who stayed 'round . . . although I think the food was a bit better in France.

A rainbow.

In the foreground we have John Richer (at far left) and Joe White (at far right) in their masculine baby blue one-day kit trying to intimidate Les Collings (centre left) and Faruk Kara (centre right) in their, um, more feminine salmon shirts. Geoff Hales (even further left) and Phil Watson (in the background centre) looks on disapprovingly.

Andy Owen and Les Collings.

Dave Norman, Andy Owen and Les Collings ponder the English summer.

Andy Owen and Paul Dawson.

A couple of undercooked sausages.

Paul Jordan, Les Collings and Tom Jordan.

Paul Jordan, Les Collings and Tom Jordan wait patiently while their meat is charred. In the background Geoff Hales introduces Remnants would-be debutante Chris McNeill to the joys of the wash-out while Pete Warner decides he'll have his sausages ``medium rare''.