Remnants vs. Cambridge Granta

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Fitzwilliam College

Cambridge Granta (125/7; 20 six-ball overs)
Remnants (72/9; 20 six-ball overs)
by 53 runs.

Having beaten Granta earlier in the year there was little question that they would put out a stronger team for today's return match . . .

. . . not that this appeared to be the case when we had them struggling at 66/6 after 13 overs. This happy state of affairs was largely down to some good bowling -- Guy Wiedermann (2/13), Daniel Mortlock (2/33) and Russell Woolf (3/19) all got amongst the wickets, and Julius Rix (0/14) was unlucky not to. And for once we took our chances in the field: Daniel, Julius and Ollie Clarke (Nick's young son, on Remnants debut) all took great outfield catches and Dave Williams completed a superb stumping. With two overs to go our opposition were still languishing in double figures, and I was sufficiently confident to tell Nick that it would take ``a real fuck up'' to lose it from here. When the next two deliveries were hit for a six and a four he gently asked if that was the sort of thing I meant, to which I replied ``not yet''. In the end, though, the final two overs cost us 33 runs and Granta suddenly had a respectable total to defend . . .

. . . and boy did they. Two properly quick (at least by our standards) bowlers saw to it that only 20-odd runs came off the first seven overs, and a combination of excellent catching and accurate throwing ensured a steady flow of wickets. The only two batsmen to get into double figures were Nick Clarke (11) and Daniel Mortlock (30), but at no stage did we mount anything that might be termed a run chase.

Nick Clarke batting.

Nick Clarke attempts to swat a dreaded White Arrow Bird with his bat.

Mike Sneyd backing up.

Mike Sneyd backing up (possibly leading to one of the day's run outs?) as the fastest of the Granta bowlers obligingly blurs for the camera.

Mike Sneyd batting.

I'm not sure that's quite where Mike intended this ball to go . . .

Mike Sneyd walking back to the pavilion.

The sun sets on Mike Sneyd's innings as Guy Wiedermann goes out to try his luck . . .

Guy Wiedermann batting.

. . . and does okay, judging by this shot.

As has been the case several times this year we spent the second half of the innings just batting out time. There were a few highlights -- Ollie Clarke getting his first Remnants run and Russell Woolf smashing a fine boundary off the last ball of the innings -- but in the end we were lucky to last the 20 overs, and our total of 72/9 was nothing to be proud of.

The end of the game.

The match comes to an end: the Granta players walk off, interspersed with a few Remnants: Mike Sneyd (in cap), Dave Green (with bat), Russell Woolf (with helmet), Guy Wiedermann (with back to camera, about to either punch or shake the hand of a Granta player), and Julius Rix (with insertion implement at right).