Remnants vs. The Technology Partnership

Wednesday, August 22, 2001
Fitzwilliam College.

Remnants (134/6 in 14 8-ball overs)
Technology Partnership (99/5 in 14 8-ball overs)
by 35 runs.

Report by Daniel Mortlock:

Sadly the cricket season - at least as far as Remnants is concerned -- is drawing to a close, and, it seems, fraying at the edges somewhat. The 5:45pm start meant that just four players were present for the first ball, and the opposition, whilst adequately manned, were dressed in anything other than whites. Even for a non-traditionalist, it was undeniable that the overall effect was of a "hit in the park" rather than a hard-fought game of cricket.

Our low numbers meant that we had to bat first again, and the erratic opposition bowling meant that it was very hard to get into any sort of rhythm. Indeed, after Andy Owen (19) was dismissed off a neck-high full toss to leave us at 51/3, the scoring all but dried up for a few overs, and we were somewhat stuck at 76/3 after 10 (eight-ball) overs. But then Daniel Mortlock (60) and Paul Jordan (13) cut loose, smashing 50-odd runs in the next three overs. Some more hitting in the last few overs by Ev Fox (brilliantly caught and bowled by TTP's captain) and Rob Harvey meant we made it to 134/6 off just 112 balls.

It was clear from the start of TTP's innings that they weren't going to win: their batsmen couldn't play Phil Watson's slow stuff - he was unlucky to get just the one wicket, and conceded just 8 runs in his 3 overs - and they also had trouble with Les Collings's finger spin (which netted figures of 2/22), although his experimental wrist spin was less successful. From the depths of 15/4 two of their more experienced players struck up a useful partnership, but it was merely delaying what was now an inevitable Remnants victory.

As with last night the bowling was shared around, with Anton Garrett (0/28), Rob Harvey (his 0/20 being tighter than it sounds), Paul Henderson (0/8) and John Young (1/12, the wicket coming off his first ball for the season) all contributing. Last night's match also saw our fielding sink to new lows; tonight's was a definite improvement, with the exception of a few multiple-overthrow incidents in which the ball seemed to fly past keeper or bowler four or five times before someone decided it had all got a little silly. The fielding highlight was yet another great catch by Anton - his third this season and eighth ever in 19 seasons for the club. The end result of all this was another slightly anticlimactic victory in near total darkness. The only salvation lay in the jugs of froth- er, that is bitter - purchased afterwards at the bar.