Remnants vs. Fulbourn

Thursday, September 3, 1992

Fulbourn (162/9 in 34 6-ball overs)
Remnants (69/6)

The Remnants season finished with an afternoon game, as we took on Fulbourn. They batted first and scored pretty well, with only two Remnants bowlers getting wickets. Faruk Kara did well to to take 2/30 . . . but his efforts were eclipsed to an insane degree by Remnants first-timer Phil Milton, who took 7/17 from his 9 overs. He was also one of only two Remnants to do even respectably with the bat: his 18* and Nick Johnson's 22 were the only scores of more than 8 in our dismal innings of 69/6. Fortunately a draw was a possible result - and, when it came to pass, one which presumably pleased us more than the opposition.