Remnants vs. Queens' College

Wednesday, May 9, 1990
Parker's Piece

Remnants (145/3 dec. in 10 8-ball overs)
Queens' College (99/8 in 15 8-ball overs)
by 46 runs.

Remnants batted first against Queens' College and scored almost at will, Clarke Brunt (34), Mike Sneyd (12), Faruk Kara (63) and Martin Law (25*) all having a great time of it. We were on target to break the club's record highest score, but captain Steve Rawlings decided we had enough runs and that the greater risk was losing the light in the second innings. So he broke a different sort of club record by declaring at the end of the 10th (eight-ball) over with our total on 145/3. Steve's instincts proved spot-on, as Queens' didn't get close to our total, while the freedom to use our best bowlers in the good light meant we went within two wickets of bowling them out.