Remnants vs. Royal Greenwich Observatory

August 31, 1980

Royal Greenwich Observatory (58 all out in 24.3 6-ball overs)
lost to
Remnants (64/10 in 25 6-ball overs)
by 1 wickets.

Report by Mike Sneyd:

An early Remnants game that really sticks in my mind involved playing against some sort of astronomical team at Herstmonceux in Sussex. We assembled early in the morning in Cambridge and then drove down the M11 in a minibus. As the M11 had just opened we met about three cars between Cambridge and the junction with the M25. After a pleasant lunch in a country pub we made our way to Herstmonceux.

When we arrived we discovered that through crossed wires or something there were only three members of the opposition. Most people would have drawn stumps, but Geoff was determined to have a game; using his charm and persuasion he managed to round up more players for the opposition from people who were just enjoying a day out! These included a child of about 10, an old-age pensioner and one person who had a very bad leg.

Naturally as a group of super-fit, skilled cricketers we felt almost embarrassed to have to crush such a motley crew. Little did we know. Having bowled out the opposition for 58 we then went confidently into bat. When we had been reduced to something like 23/8 it looked like we were facing the most super humiliation of all time. However, we somehow managed to fall over the winning line, winning by a single wicket (but, in style, with a six after the scores were safely tied - and with 10 wickets down).